Monday, September 23, 2013

Insidious Chapter 2 movie review

The much anticipated Insidious Chapter 2 attracted a large movie following in its opening weekend. However, this movie was lacking the scares that made the original Insidious a success. This Insidious movie never created the jump-out-of-your-seat moments we expected. James Wan and Leigh Whannell put forth a better effort in Insidious (2011) than in Insidious Chapter 2.

We enjoyed the fan reaction more than the Insidious Chapter 2 movie itself. Insidious Chapter 2 was cool to watch on Friday the 13th, but this horror movie seemed like an unfinished or rushed project. An example of this is when you write an excellent paper (Insidious), and then later you complete a mediocre assignment (Insidious Chapter 2) just to satisfy the requirements. Insidious Chapter 2 reminded us about all those horror sequels that attempted to reveal too much exposition and over concentrated on ineffective scares.

In 1986, Elise is called to to the Lambert's home to help young Josh with his night terrors. Josh's mother Lorraine shows Elise pictures of an old woman who keeps appearing next to Josh and is terrorizing his dreams. This opening scene gives us some backstory fillers that were left out in the original Insidious.

The execution of this scene made the astral horror movie appear amateurish. It felt like watching a SyFy movie with a higher production cost and better special effects. The scares were too staged and never created any real fear. The audience reaction provided better entertainment, as do most scary movies involving this sub-genre of horror.

Watching a female ghost sitting on a sofa is not scary. Seeing dice roll and communicating that spirits are around is not scary. The original Insidious created that fear factor. The old woman in that movie added that element of fear we did not feel in this sequel. Most horror sequels use exposition to explain too much; it is like watching Kill Bill Vol. 2 all over again.

Insidious Chapter 2 was fun to watch. We stayed true to our mission to cover Insidious 2. As you remember, we wrote plenty of content on about astral projection and Insidious. Horror fans enjoyed astral projection in Insidious, which we never hear about in the dialogue during Insidious Chapter 2. We see Dalton astral project. This dynamic technique of leaving the physical body by way of an astral body is never mentioned, it is just shown and implied to remind us.

Leigh Whannell is a talented screenwriter. He knows how to write a screenplay. James Wan is the most popular movie director in Hollywood right now. This moviemaking duo were given $5 million to shoot Insidious Chapter 2. The multiple locations and unbelievable backstory with the old woman ruined the plot. We enjoyed the scary old woman in the original movie. Her spookiness freaked out moviegoers.

In this second edition, learning the real truth the old woman desensitized the scares. We just didn't feel the fear and connected this lack of horror to the backstory. Why do we need to see Renai getting interrogated by a detective who mocks the paranormal? Do the apparitions appearing in the daytime really scare fans? Will a story of a troubled boy spirit that mimics The House at the End of the Street or Sleepaway Camp plot cause chills?

Rocking horses are not scary. We need more than just implied horror to get us scared. Don't get us wrong; we enjoyed Insidious Chapter 2. However, this latest sequel is nothing like Insidious (2011). Sure, there are a few scenes in Insidious that were silly moments (red-faced demon behind Lorraine). For the most part, the astral projection discussion and watching Josh astral project into The Further were awesome plot devices.

Insidious Chapter 2 focused on the old woman and her story instead of showing us the spooky nature of The Further. In the movie ending, there was no immediacy in this sequel. If you are an Insidious fan, then you know the difference between the two movie endings.

Overall, Insidious Chapter 2 was written and directed good. It was not as scary as we expected. We've watched scarier moments in paranormal television shows than in Insidious 2. Insidious (2011) was an awesome movie that got made for only $1.5 million. James and Leigh had to take a huge pay cut to accept this original movie. Their gamble sure paid off in a huge way last weekend.

Insidious Chapter 2 entered movie theaters at the right moment and entertained horror fans looking for scary fun on Friday the 13th. The Insidious Chapter 2 ending hints to us that a number #3 is in the future. It is almost certain that Insidious 3 will be arriving in movie theaters in the next few years.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Insidious Chapter 2 leads Thursday box office

Insidious Chapter 2 has led the daily box office for the 7th straight day. This horror sequel is performing well through its first full week in release, though the true test is how the second weekend plays out. Insidious Chapter 2 will likely slow down, a sign that moviegoers are more interested in good storytelling rather than recycled scares. The Apparition is living proof that this formula is ineffective.

In comparison, The Conjuring performed extremely well in its second weekend and surpassed initial projections established prior to this paranormal movie breaking July records for Rated-R horror movies. Director James Wan certified himself a superstar filmmaker with making two horror movies that opened above $40 million in the same year.

Insidious Chapter 2 earned $1.2 million on Thursday night, one week after the movie delivered above $20 million on Friday the 13th.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Insidious Chapter 2 Box Office Results

Insidious Chapter 2 finished number #1 in the weekend box office from September 13-15. This astral horror movie earned $40.27 million in its first weekend in release. On Monday September 16, Insidious 2 generated $1.78 million in ticket sales and another $1.87 million on Tuesday September 17. On Wednesday September 18, this Insidious sequel produced $1.24 million in box office receipts.

Overall, Insidious Chapter 2 is lagging behind The Conjuring, James Wan's paranormal movie that struck gold in July. However, Insidious Chapter 2 will pass the original Insidious movie in its second weekend out. As for reaching $100 million in the domestic box office, Insidious Chapter 2 will need to better word of mouth to maintain a grip on horror movie fans.

Insidious Chapter 2 box office results:

Opening Weekend: September 13-15- $40.27 million
Monday September 16 - $1.78 million
Tuesday September 17 - $1.87 million
Wednesday September 18 - $1.24 million

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Insidious Chapter 2 box office

Insidious Chapter 2 is the follow-up to the sleeper hit Insidious, the ultra breakout multi-genre movie (astral projection/demonic possession/haunted house/paranormal) released back in April 2011. This movie sparked a frenzy on what is astral projection. As soon as Elise mentioned astral projection, movie fans raised their eyebrows to question this practice.

What? Really? An astral body can actually leave the human body to move about the subplanes? Astral projection, astral travel and out of body experience are essentially interchangeable terms describing an act of leaving the human body through the middle forehead and traveling in this invisible form into the astral world. Insidious latched onto this sub-genre to catapult the $1.5 million production into nearly $100 million worldwide.

Insidious Chapter 2 now has its own unique creativity to expand beyond astral projection. We heard time travel may become another new sub-genre injected into this sequel. In actuality, time travel is basically disguised as astral projection. Any character employing time travel is transferring a body double of themselves into a dual dimension.

If this character is living as their young self in the past, the common belief is that these two bodies cannot touch each other or else they risk deconstructing. Insidious Chapter 2 is still making good use of demonic possession, a sub-genre we see often in exorcism movies. The sequel has a lot working in its favor with the opening day falling on Friday the 13th and Insidious fans riding the wave to this second chapter.

Ready to see where Insidious Chapter 2 takes you? Visit a movie theater near you to time travel into Josh's disturbing past, which sets the tone for his current demonic possession. Insidious Chapter 2 open on 9-13-2013.

Insidious Chapter 2 box office prediction (weekend box office September 13-15)

$50 million

Monday, September 9, 2013

Riddick movie trailer

Riddick makes a splash in the weekend box office to win

Vin Diesel is in yet another number #1 weekend box office winning movie. Riddick captured the top box office spot with $18.7 million, a total that is an estimated $20 million away from reaching its $38 million budget. This is good news for a sci-fi thriller, especially with a small budget as compared to previous science fiction movies coming from this genre type.

The Butler finished in second place with $8.9 million in ticket sales to push its box office totals to $91.9 million. On a $30 million production budget, this movie is making the Weinstein Company a nice fortune. Instructions Not Included and We're The Millers finished in third and fourth place with $8.1 million and $7.9 million, respectively. 

Planes and One Direction: This is Us took in $4.3 and $4.1 million, in that order, to finish fifth and sixth. Elysium delivered $3.1 million in ticket sales for seventh place and is behind its production budget of $115 million when taking into account the $85 million this movie has earned thus far in the domestic box office. Sony/Columbia is losing out with their third action-packed or science fiction-type movie in 2013. White House Down, Another Earth and now Elysium haven't performed well in the domestic box office. However, the movies are making up the difference in the foreign box office. 

Blue Jasmine, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters and The World's End earned $2.7, $2.5 and $2.3 million to wrap up the top 10 box office movies. 

Next weekend Insidious Chapter 2 will surely capture major movie ticket sales in the $41-52 million range. With the opening weekend falling on Friday the 13th, watch out for this Insidious sequel. James is having one heck of a good 2013, so his success will continue to move forward with Insidious 2 and next year's Fast and Furious 7.

When you think of movies, think Box Office Weekend. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Wolverine slices into the competition with $55 million

The Wolverine missed pre-box office predictions of $75-85 million. This comic book movie collected $55 million in ticket sales, $22.87 million ahead of last week's winner, The Conjuring.

Are moviegoers beginning to get weary of watching comic book movies? Or were box office predictions of The Wolverine set too high? In any case, The Wolverine finished first in a slow box office weekend.

Can this comic book movie surpass its $170 million production budget? Only time will tell. The Wolverine is close to reaching $170 million worldwide, so this is a good early sign that Wolverine is appealing to movie and comic book fans, alike.

Next weekend, Smurfs 2 will capture business from parents and kids. Expect to see crowded lines and maybe a few small blue creatures lurking around. See you next weekend at the movies.