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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Horrible Bosses Movie Review

Do you think you have a horrible boss. Well think again. Horrible Bosses hand picks the most horrible bosses in the work force.

Do you think you have a horrible boss? Well think again. Seth Gordon's Horrible Bosses hand picks the most horrible bosses in the work force, and then delivers them to the most mundane jobs on the planet. On the contrary, most men will argue that Dr. Julia (played by Jennifer Anniston) is a man's dream boss. Horrible Bosses' uncontrollable spurts of twisted humor will have you in a drunken laugh from beginning to end in this absolute wild humor fest.

Jason Bateman keeps landing acting jobs to this very day. He'll make you laugh without trying to be funny. Kevin Spacey reprises his American Beauty role again, this time he is the worst boss known to the corporate world. P.J. Byrne's squeaky mouse voice makes you laugh every time he utters out a word. Anniston's sex-crazed appetite will have you applying for a dental job or booking your next appointment with a hot female dentist.

In the movie's opening, the audience is introduced to three characters and their jobs. Nick Hendricks (Jason Bateman) paid his due for 8 years in a corporate job, hoping to move up the ladder with a promotion as a senior vice president of sales. Unfortunately, Nick's boss Dave Harken (Kevin Spacey) is a devil in a suit without an ounce of integrity. This corporate position is one of those jobs that will eventually land you a heart attack.

Charlie Day (Dave Arbus) works as a manager for a chemical company that disposes of harmful chemicals. Dave boss, Jack Pellit (Donald Sutherland) is well respected. The boss's son, Bobby Pellit (Colin Farrell), is a dead beat coke addict that will assume control of the company shortly after Jack dies of a massive heart attack. It reminds one of the scene in Face Off where John Travolta's character is trapped in Nicholas Cage's body in prison, learning that the research team had been executed and nobody would believe his story. It sucks for Charlie.

Kenny Sommerfield (P.J. Bryne) is a weakling with a criminal past. After leaving a bar, he was booked as a sex offender due to peeing at a child's playground during the night hours. The audience assumes Kenny is a dentist; however, his boss, Dr. Julia Harris, DDS (Jennifer Anniston) is smoking hot that terrorizes him. In a man's world, Julia is the dream boss, but to Kenny the dental assistant, Julia is his worst nightmare. She is the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's number #1 example of what not to do in a workplace. Dr. Julia is a sex-crazed female that will do everything in her power to see that Kenny pleases her, albeit, knowing that her employee is engaged and loyal to his fiance. To most men, Kenny is working at a dream job with the world's sexiest boss. Think again.

Nick, Dave and  Kenny are fed up with their horrible bosses. After Nick is dealt a bad hand in a failed promotion, Dave new boss forces him to fire an employee and to authorize unsafe chemical disposal in the community, and Dr. Julia blackmails Kenny to sleep with her or she will expose him to his finance, the plot thickens. The notion of murdering their bosses somehow enters a bar discussion, but then persists into an actual plan to hire a hit-man. A botched attempt to land a hit-man ends up becoming Kenny's lack of insight to hire a man in the men seeking men personal classified ads, who pees on other men for money.

Nick, Dave and Kenny then venture to the unsafest part of town. They walk into a club that is in a black neighborhood. Three white guys walking into a black bar looking for a hit-man to kill their horrible bosses is not a typical experience. Mother F--- "Dean" Jones (Jamie Foxx) offers to help Nick, Dave, and Kenny to carry out their master plan, asking them to pay him $5,000 in a briefcase.

Horrible Bosses is another Very Bad Things movie about one horrible moment after another. Nick, Dave, and Kenny go from loyal employees to planning their bosses' murders. MF Jones is not who he claims to be. Dave Harken is a weasel boss who is also a possessive husband in result of his hot wife's cheating tendencies. Dr. Julia is a horny hot dentist who wants her dental assistant to perform an exam on her no matter the consequences. Nick must accept another dead beat boss. Horrible Bosses makes you think about your past bosses.

Seth Gordon captures the core of horrible bosses to depict the realization that bad jobs with horrible bosses is better off a lucid dream than as a real life nightmare. Horrible Bosses is an unpredictable movie about changing what is making your life a living hell. Moviegoers will be thrown one curve ball after another.

Jennifer Anniston's non traditional role of a sex-crazed dentist has a lasting impression on young boy adolescents needing dental work, future male dental assistants, and male patients searching for the sexiest dentist to deliver a good deed. I left Horrible Bosses laughing up a storm long after the movie ending, thinking back to my horrible bosses in my past jobs. 
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