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Sunday, September 23, 2012

House at the End of the Street movie review

House at the End of the Street provided solid entertainment, especially in the last act. Jennifer Lawrence proves she can carry a horror movie as a lead actress. Jennifer Lawrence is bringing girl power back to the screen. Lawrence's horror role is unlike Ashley Greene's raw take on The Apparition, which arrived to the box office uncooked and not ready to be served to horror fans. Good horror movies require good writing and directing and mediocre acting to capture interest.

JL's thrilling portrayal of a young 17-year old teenager (Elissa) trying to make sense of her new life without her father adds depth to an intriguing plot. Elisabeth Shue proves that her best acting days are still in front of her. House at the End of the Street is definitely a good horror movie with a twist. Moviegoer are conditioned with enough information to interpret the good ending. The psychological thriller is based on a book of the same name.

Elissa (Jennifer Lawrence) and her mother Sarah (Elisabeth Shue) move into a new home down the street from the scene of a double murder. In the opening scene, a young girl murders her parents. The insidious act drives down the local property value. We revisit the murder soon after the last living survivor, the son Ryan (Max Thieriot), assimilates into Elissa's life. Ryan is viewed as a respectful young man whose lived a tough life. We soon learn the truth about Ryan.

Sarah is an overprotective mother. She doesn't want her daughter to end up like her, having a child at a young age. However, Sarah working as a health care provider is a great job career. Officer Weaver (Gill Bellows) welcomes Sarah into the community. He answers personal questions regarding Ryan and his family. The Pennsylvanian town near State College seems safe.

House at the End of the Street starts off kind of slow. The screenwriter and director provide enough exposition to explain the premise. You may feel the movie dragging on a bit, but remain focused up until the high adrenaline ending. Movies like House at the End of the Street involve suspense and thrills.

Elissa's nosiness with prying into private spaces will deliver a major reveal in the move ending. House at the End of the Street is like Disturbia and the recent Fright Night movie. In the plot, we usually have new neighbors moving into an unknown place that has dark hidden secrets.

We give House at the End of the Street an A- movie grade. Jennifer Lawrence leads a quality cast of performers into a twisted affair. Dark secrets will never stay hidden forever. House at the End of the Street rewards the moviegoer with a great payoff.

The psychological horror thriller serves up a twist that resembles another 80's cult flick. We highly recommend House at the End of the Street to movie fans who enjoy psychological thrillers and like movies with twist endings.

Movie Grade: A-

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