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Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises ending

 ***Movie Spoiler***

The Dark Knight Rises ending is not that predictable. In the movie ending, Batman reveals to Gordon his true idenity through a hero and coat reference. Miranda tells Batman her true idenity as the young child who climed out of the pit and whose is actually Ra's Al Ghul's daughter - League of Shadows. MIranda's motivation to destroy Gotham is to anvenge the death of her father.

The Dark Knight Rises gets more complex with Batman presumably dying in the atomic blast. We then see Alfred's point of view of Bruce and Selina enjoying a lunch in an Italian Cafe. Better yet, Detective John Blake is given a bag with the coordinate to the Bat Cave. Ready for more Batman ending analysis?

Bruce Wayne mentions he fears dying in the pit in fear that Gotham will fall. In the end, Batman is flying the Bat plane. You will hear that Batman abandoned the Bat plan to use autopilot. Do you reall think Batman is that selfish to risk the fate of Gotham to save himself? With 5 seconds remaining on the bomb timer, Batman has a somber look planted on his face. Batman fans are suggesting this 5 second scene is just an out of place scene.

Why should we believe the Alfred Italian cafe scene is real? Alfred wants Bruce to have a happy life. He spoke of the cafe after Bruce reaffirms his role as Batman. It is too cliche to imply that Bruce Wayne survives the atomic bomb because he bailed out of the Bat plane and used the autopilot to guide the atomic bomb. Does that sound like a hero? We are supposed to believe Batman deposits the atomic bomb miles away from Gotham City with an autopilot function?

Batman is in the Bat with less than 2 minutes to spare. He reveals his identity to Gordon with the hero and coat reference. Gordon realizes Batman's identity due to the significance of the moment. How can Gordon forget such a touching moment in his early police career? Young Bruce Wayne lost his parents. He was an orphan that Gordon gave reassurancce that although this moment is dark that world will not end. You will rise above this tragedy.

Is Bruce Wayne the type of person to leave the fate of Gotham up to an autopilot? No way! Real heroes don't rely on chance to save others. They choose the best plan of action to minimize the outcome. Bruce Wayne repaired the autopilot, but does not suggest he used the autopilot to control the Bat plane and or to eject prior to the explosion. This is no ordinary bomb. The atomic bomb has the capability to consume 2-4 square miles of territory.

Blake and the orphans watch the atomic bomb light up the horizon. The atomic bomb is a powerful weapon. How can Batman eject from the Bat plane with about 5 seconds remaining? Batman stays inside the Bat plan. The autopilot repair 6 months prior is a weak plot trick to convey that Batman abandoned the Bat plane.
Batman is a hero. He understands that sacrificing one life will save millions? Do you real think Batman is selfish enough to control an atomic bomb with an autopilot function?

It seems like a very weak plot point to believe in the autopilot as the savior of Gotham. Watch Intersection movie with Richard Gere. Pay close attention to the phone call and the note. This protagonist changed his mind in a few hours.

Bruce had 6 months to change his mind, even with the pit prison as a motivation to confide in those who are less-privileged. The two physicians saved Bruce, which in result inspired his sacrificial plan to save Gotham. Batman dies in the plane. He is still alive as a legend. Alfred's cafe scene is a dream imagination or possibly his last death thought. People can die as grief. Nolan's Batman movies are dark. At least we Alfred smile at the end.

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