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Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Darkest Hour preview

The end of the world Alien movie The Darkest Hour is due out in movie theaters on Christmas Day 2011. 

The Darkest Hour movie is the next end of the world movie due out in movie theaters on Christmas Day. End of the World movies are fun and exciting to watch because they humanize characters in their darkest moments. Thus, end of the world movie plots usually build on the notion that troubled characters are capable of changing. No person wants to be alone, especially during the apocalypse. The Darkest Hour is about a group of young characters who visit Russia to experience the party life, but instead must fight against an Alien invasion to survive.

Emile Hirsh of The Girl Next Door fame leads a young cast into Russia. Their Russian event-filled trip is put on hold once an unexpected Alien attack undermines the Earth's power supply. Alien beings sense people through their heat source, which resembles the Predator movie. These invisible Aliens arrive on the planet like slow falling snowflakes, tricking humans into believing the event is a peaceful moment.
The Dark Hour is bit unorthodox, considering most Alien movies show the Aliens.

However, the invisible Aliens are frightening since humans are incapable of seeing them in plain sight. For the most part, we have an end of the world and Alien movie combined into one action-packed film. Thus, survival movies put characters up to the test, so their obstacles and challenges can make strong enough to defeat the antagonist(s).

The Darkest Hour will hit movie theaters on Christmas Day. It is an odd time to release an end of the world flick; however, the movie plans to offer an end-of-your-seat experience. An Alien invasion sought to eliminate the Earth's power source is an intense movie plot ready to usher in 2012. If you have time on Christmas Day to watch a movie, check out The Darkest Hour to experience end of the world entertainment.  

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