Movie Box Office

Movie Box Office

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Skyfall set to finish first in a slow weekend box office

The weekend box office has another past winner leading the pack. Skyfall is projected to reclaim number #1 again after leading the box office 5-weeks ago. Skyfall is making ground on the $300 million domestic box office mark, a sign this James Bond movie is the most successful in terms of box office viability.

The following list of box office movies coming out this weekend, as well as their expected weekend box office finish, are listed down below:
  1. Skyfall $10.8 million
  2. Rise of the Guardians $10.6 million
  3. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II $9 million
  4. Lincoln $8.8 million
  5. Life of Pi $8.5 million
  6. Playing for keeps $6 million
  7. Wreck-it Ralph $4.9 million
  8. Red Dawn $4.1 million
  9. Flight $3.1 million
  10. Killing Them Softly $2.8 million
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