Movie Box Office

Movie Box Office

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Martin Luther King Jr. weekend box office bolds great for Mama

Mama knows a little something about gaining exposure during the slow January movie month.  Gillermo Del Torro backed horror movie, Mama, collected a healthy $10 million on Friday to pace ahead of the competiton with a projected $30 million over the 4-day holiday weekend.

Oscar Nominated Zero Dark Thirty drafts behind Mama with a cool $15 million, estimated until the final ticket sales are provided by the movie studios. A few newcomers enter the weekend box office, one that marks the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger's to the silver screen in The Last Stand and Broken City's predicted flop.

The box office movies are projected to earn the following ticket sales over the 4-day holiday weekend:
  1. Mama $30 million
  2. Zero Dark Thirty $18 million
  3. Silver Linings Playbook $11.7 million
  4. Gangster Squad $10.3 million
  5. Broken City $10.2 million
  6. Django Unchained $9.5 million
  7. A Haunted House $9.4 million
  8. Les Miserables $9 million
  9. The Hobbit $7.5 million
  10. The Last Stand $6.7 million



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