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Monday, June 16, 2014

22 Jump Street movie review

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller's 22 Jump Street lived up to its hype. This Rate-R action comedy movie delivered chronic laughs like its predecessor, 21 Jump Street. It's official that 22 Jump Street now certifies Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill as comedy superstars, powering this buddy cop tandem through the Hollywood ceiling. 22 Jump Street made it crystal clear that A-listers Tatum and Hill will most likely follow-up their current 22 Jump Street movie with another hilarious 23 Jump Street rendition. Stay tuned for more laughs and goofy action.

22 Jump Street opens with a recap of the original 21 Jump movie to speed viewers up on previous events like a television episode. Officer Jenko (Channing Tatum) and Schmidt (Jonah Hill) prepare to infiltrate a drug supplier; however, Schmidt comes up with a plan to pose as cholos to protect their cop cover. As seen in the movie trailer, this opening scene is where an octopus poops in Schmidt's mouth.

Jenko and Schmidt enter the new headquarters at 22 Jump Street, a huge step above the 21 Jump Street Korean church. This time we are introduced to a state-of-the-art facility where Schmidt makes an inside job directed toward Captain Dickson (Ice Cube). This high-tech facility is also a past Asian church.

Captain Dickson briefs Jenko and Schmidt on their new case. The same structure is in motion, as the first movie from this franchise also revealed a student taking a drug and dying shortly after. Schmidt prays to another Jesus about being scared again. We have the Back to the Future structure in which the writers add the exact ingredients with including the standard movie trademark.

Jenko and Schmidt walk onto the college campus and see exciting college life in action. There is an opposing twist this time around with giving Jenko what he missed out in 21 Jump Street. Relationship is established as a big theme in 22 Jump Street. The directors do a great at making moviegoers care about the two characters, and showing that real partnerships are better structured than party friends.

We can share that Schmidt finds another attractive, sexy girl to fall for his goofy self. One plot twist in this relationship is sure to make viewers laugh a storm. If you haven't laughed yet, this scene is front loaded and ready to deliver some shots.

21 Jump Street favored Schmidt, but it is now geared toward giving Jenko his moment. In the first movie, Schmidt believes he, too, could get into UC Berkeley. This confidence resulted in Eric sharing his Cal academic goals. Jenko is the center of attention in 22 Jump Street.

Jenko learns that his newfound college fame is about to burst through all ceilings placed in front of him. His dream to play football in college and party like it's 1999 are made possible. Nevertheless, Jenko shines in the moment like Schmidt did with making social connections in 21 Jump Street. In this drug case, 22 Jump Street takes a reversal of roles to test the strength of this police partnership.

22 Jump Street depicts the life we think we wanted to live. The truth is that adult life is just as exciting, if you find the right dream job and accept that fun is done in moderation. For Jenko and Schmidt, visiting college and testing the waters gave them a sense of satisfaction to respect their careers.

Watch 22 Jump Street with care. These two goofballs are going to make you laugh non-stop.

9.5 out of 10 stars.

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