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Monday, July 28, 2014

The Purge: Anarchy movie review

The Purge: Anarchy debuted in movie theaters on July 18, 2014. This sequel following the sleeper hit The Purge proved to be extremely successful with collecting a stellar $29+ million in box office receipts in its first weekend. Before visiting the local movie theater to watch The Purge: Anarchy, we were aware of The Purge theme. We never watched the original The Purge movie, but we knew this concept captured the essence of American problems we face day-in day-out.

In the future, America is enjoying a low unemployment rate of 1% thanks to an annual The Purge that takes place once a year on March 21. At approximately 7:00pm on March 21 to 7:00am March 22, the Purge commences. The New Founding Fathers of America took office in our present time. They introduced The Purge to allow people to cleanse their souls, where all crime, including murder, would be legal for a 12-hour period.

Enter the 7th Purge.

Unfortunately, this crime fest served as a disadvantage to less privileged and less fortunate people - the poor. Those who didn't have a place to be, or live in low-income housing were direct targets of this national holiday. American citizens partake in killing homeless people, poor people, and those who were unfortunate to be out on this dangerous night.

Sergeant (Frank Grillo) prepares his arsenal of weapons. We assume he is out on a mission to take lives during The Purge. Sergeant stares at a picture of his son in a frame on his nightstand. Pictures of a man are plastered on the wall to convey that he is taking revenge against this individual. His ex-wife knocks on the door, telling him he doesn't need to go out there. Sergeant refuses to listen, telling his ex-wife to go home with her new family and let him be.

In a restaurant, Eva Sanchez (Carmen Ejojo) serves her last table. Tanya (Justina Machado) and Eva ask whether she will release them soon. The diner owner tells them it is time to go and to be safe. Carlos (Nicholas Gonzalez) asks Eva if she needs a ride home. Eva declines on the ride, thanking and telling him to be safe. Tanya counsels Eva for turning down Carlos, as she would handle him in every way possible. It is obvious that Tanya is a promiscuous woman, a cougar willing to work overtime with any willing man. She is a freak of the night. All Carlos needs to ask Tanya is what time she opens for business.

Shane (Zach Gilford) and Liz (Kiele Sanchez) are driving along the road. Shane scrolls through images with Liz and him being close together. Liz asks Shane what he's look at, but he declines to share his hidden sentiment. Liz wants Shane to tell his sister something, stating she has to know and we need to tell her. The couple stop at a local grocery store. On the way out, a masked man bumps into Shane with force. This masked man hints they are watching them, waving with a creepy finger greeting.

We figure out that Liz and Shane plan to break up and want to share this news with the sister. The Purge is quickly approaching, where cars are leaving the city to avoid all Hell breaking loose.  It is the homeless who are on the verge of becoming the hunted. Shane experiences problems with the power steering, which causes the car to lose power. It appears that someone cut the unit, the same people who are waiting on the bridge for the Purge to commence.

The Purge: Anarchy does a great job establishing the main characters. We're given facts about this annual Purge. We're introduced to important characters early on, who serve an important purpose in the movie ending. The Purge changes the main characters; we see major character arcs that reveal such influences shift the plot into multiple directions. This movie conveys when there is too much silence, nothing legal is going on in the streets. Taking lives is the main theme of this Purge movie franchise.

In saving lives, one man finds that his involvement in this Purge commencement becomes more than taking action against an individual who wronged him. This man is highly skilled and trained to handle this wartime environment. He repeatedly leads his group to safety. The high point of tension takes us on a scary ride where the odds are stacked up against the main characters and this hope for survival. We see these characters enter one impossible situation after another.

For the most part, taking revenge is premise behind the Purge. A morbid display is a scene showing what people would do to an investor after they lost their retirement savings. The murders on this holiday night are gruesome; morals are thrown out the door. It is the NFFA that attributes the Purge to leading a positive society. Those people who have money are safe, while the poor and weak are cleansed off the face of society.

Welcome to The Purge: Anarchy. Even though this horror thriller is a testament to how some people view crime and punishment in a free-for-all cleansing game, this movie provided off-the-seat entertainment. The audience roots for these characters to survive the night. They trust the Sergeant to protect strangers, even if this means losing his life. These stragglers influence his mission, but there is a reason for this setback. Watch The Purge: Anarchy and hope this fictional environment is never implemented into our society. Will these characters survive the Purge?

9 out of 10 stars

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