Movie Box Office

Movie Box Office

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Gone Girl wins again

Gone Girl is shaping up to become the best movie of 2014. Do we see Gone Girl receiving multiple Oscar® nominations and sweeping the Academy Awards®? Well, it sure looks that way, especially with positive reviews streaming this critically acclaimed movie to book fans and moviegoers. Maybe word-out-mouth is catching fire, holding us hostage to this thrilling book turned into a movie.

Gone Girl won for a second week in a row, staving off competition from the new Dracula reboot. Annabelle fell down 2 spots to finish fourth, typical of horror movies after their opening weekend.

The top 10 box office movies for Columbus Day Weekend: 
  1. Gone Girl $26.4 million
  2. Dracula Untold $23.5 million
  3. Alexander $18.4 million
  4. Annabelle $15.86 million
  5. The Judge $13.12 million
  6. The Equalizer $9.7 million
  7. Addicted $7.49 million
  8. The Maze Runner $7.45 million 
  9. The Boxtrolls $6.6 million
  10. Left Behind $2.8 million



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