Movie Box Office

Movie Box Office

Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Lazarus Effect is fading in its opening weekend

The recent movie box office hasn't been too kind to horror movies. Supernatural movie newcomer, The Lazarus Effect, stumbled out of the blocks this weekend. This paranormal horror movie is on pace to earn $9.2 million over the 3-day weekend, not a good sign for horror movies moving forward. Film studios known to release horror movies, definitely missed out on Friday the 13th a few weekends ago.

We assumed The Lazarus Effect had the potential to become a sleeper hit. Beautiful Olivia Wilde, American Horror Story's Evan Peters, and Community's Donald Glover couldn't entice enough of their fans to scare up a decent opening day. Unfortunately, a meager $3.8 Friday opening is positioning this new horror movie to finish in fourth place among one newcomer (Focus), two-time second place finisher (Secret Service: Kingsman) and two-time former chart topper, Fifty Shades of Grey.

The Lazarus Effect recycled Pet Sematary and Flatliners movie themes - bringing back the dead. "It's been done before" is a phrase that keeps repeating itself. Horror movie fans want something different, something new, something original to challenge them. Our mind is a powerful tool with the capability to manipulate people into seeing and hearing things that are not present.

Why not play with the mind? Do we really want to see Oliver Wilde use evil superpowers to kill her colleagues? One minute she is herself, and then the next she is evil. How is this even scary? Maybe execution and/or storytelling is to blame for this lackluster opening weekend.

Hint: play with the mind to scare people - showing less is more powerful. We're not into watching comedy horror movies, unless of course it is Shaun of the Dead. In any case, The Lazarus Effect is playing in movie theaters right now.

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