Movie Box Office

Movie Box Office

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Update on Furious 7 weekend box office

Furious 7 went wild last night (Friday) to deliver what is expected as a record breaking April opening. By the early evening, Furious 7 will surpass all April records, including Easter weekend record. FF fans are responding in a big way to the seventh installment of highly popular Fast and Furious movies.

On Thursday night showings beginning at 7p.m, Furious 7 collected $15.8 million in ticket sales. Furious 7 movie reviews and ratings across major movie websites pin this as the best Fast and Furious movie out of all seven. There is no stopping Furious 7. This street racing/heist movie could easily win the weekend box office just on Friday's night ticket sales alone.

New box office results expected at $149.5 million. When financial ticket receipts are counted, we could see $150+ million in 3 days. This is amazing for a seventh movie, especially considering that every movie since Tokyo Drift has earned more than its previous. It is like running a fast quarter mile and improving on this time in every race after.

Paul Walker is smiling down right now. He's probably glad the studios, cast mates and crew moved forward with completing Furious 7. Go break those weekend box office records Furious 7! 

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